Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's in your purse?

Hummie has an interesting challenge on her blog called Whats in your purse?

The rules per hummies blog

You must:
1. Include your hand in the photo so we can relate to how big the purse is.
2. Dump the contents of your purse and share another photo, listing the contents of your purse.

I change my purse all the time depending on what I'm wearing or time of year. This is the one I've been using lately. The brown leather matches the shoes I like to wear.

Ok when I dumped the contents of my purse cracker crumbs went flying everywhere. Guess it was time to clean it out huh? lol


1 pile of receipts and junk for the garbage

2 my wallet

3 (2) dvd's i just rented Good luck Chuck and Becoming Jane they are from the redbox at the grocery store. I just love it you can grab a movie for only a dollar a day!

4 ice breaker's mints

5 blistex and burt's bees pomegrante lip balm can't live without those

6 3 bracelets. I thought they were so cute in the store but they are so loud when the clank together it drives me crazy.

7 hand lotion can't live without this either my hands are always so dry

8 my badge album

9 cell phone

10 one sticker of the kids from a Dr. visit

11 one empty sea band container and i wasn't even wearing the sea bands so that really doesn't need to be in there.

12 oh look there is a pen in there.

13. i also have a sd card in a little carry case for when i go to the photo kiosk since my printer is broken.

14 loose change

15 appt card

I usually have a few diapers and toys or a sippy cup but not today.

I have a new purse I haven't had a chance to use yet that has a light in the inside! I think that is so smart. How many times have we tried to find something in our purse at night in the car and just can't because it's so dark?

Well that's my purse. Want to join stop by Hummie's blog for details.


Cindyrelly said...

Thanks for sharing the contents of your purse ;) What a fun idea for a challenge. Oh, I LOVED that "Becoming Jane" movie! I am such a sucker for those sappy romance movies with the gorgeous old costumes.... especially when they don't have a happy ending. Have a great weekend :)

Hummie said...

Sorry it took me so long to get here! What a cute purse you have. I think it actually goes with your designing style too! Isn't that interesting!

Oh, and I say the contents are screaming "good mom!"...thanks for participating!