Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cool Tool

Just thought I'd share a cool tool I've been using. It's called Poster. It allows you to turn your photos, or scrapbook pages ;) into giant posters using your home printer. Its really easy to use and cheap. You can print up to 10 posters before you are expected to pay only $18. You can determine the size of the poster in inches or pages. You can add text and shapes right in the program. Then you simply print the pages out and put them together like a puzzle. The first time I used this program was to make a life size cut out of my niece for her birthday party. Boy was it a hit! You can buy life size cut out in some birthday catalogs for around $80, in searching prices on the net I found them as high as $270 plus shipping! This is a very fun tool that can be used to make fun posters for graduation, birthday parties, showers, anniversaries, I could go on and on. You can find out more about Poster at their site

Here is a picture of the cutout I did. It was a last minute thing so I just used cardboard that I had on hand from a box. If you weren't so pressed for time you could really make a great photo cutout.

That's about it. I will not be release my new kit until we return from our trip so after tomorrow you wont find anything in my auctivia store until we get back.

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DSD-Pro said...

She's a cutie. The program you mentioned I haven't heard of before. Thanks for sharing the info.

~ Paint Chip