Friday, September 7, 2007

Filter Friday Challenge Colored Pencil

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Ok I know this is a new thing so jump in whenever you want to. Today lets explore the colored pencil filter.

Here is my original photo

In case you are unfamiliar with the location of this filter, you can find it under filters, artistic, colored pencil. Its important to choose foreground and background colors to achieve the results you are looking for. I used my eye dropper and choose two colors from my original photo. You will want to do this before using the filter. The colors in this preview are not the exact colors I used.

When ever you are working on photos its a good idea to make a duplicate copy first so you can start over easier if necessary or create different effects. An easy way to do this is to click on the layer you wish to duplicate and hit control and j at the same time. I will be using two layers to get the effect I'm looking for.

Once you have selected the colored pencil option you will receive a screen that looks like this. From here you can adjust the pencil width, stroke pressure, and paper brightness. When you are happy with your results click ok.

This is how my photo turned out.

I wasn't completely satisfied with the results I wanted a little softer look. So I reduced the opacity of the colored pencil layer to about 50% with that layer above the original.

Lets see want you come up with using the colored pencil filter! If you'd like to share please leave a comment with a link to your photo from your blog or gallery. Thanks for stopping by!



ELLIE said...

I absolutely love your colored pencil affect...I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog--I so appreciate you leaving a comment...I have added your blog to my reading links....again thanks..take care


Thanks for dropping by my site. I am glad you enjoyed the video. ;)

DSD-Pro said...

Great Tute, Rachel! Thanks for sharing it with us. That picture you used is fabulous and just perfect for this affect too!


meeyauw said...

I have grabbed your feed so that I can keep up with this challenge (my life is not about keeping up lately, tho! so I'm glad there is no deadline). I never would think of trying these filters except for a challenge, so thank you. You will see more of me! (I have posted about this so others will learn, too.)

Andrée said...

I finally got my Photoshop Elements today (I had to wait to buy it) and I did this challenge and I am thrilled. I love this stuff.

Now: who's gonna clean the house and teach my students because I sure ain't! I have Elements now and I need to play!

Hummie said...

Hey, can you believe I finally did this!

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