Friday, September 21, 2007


Well its Friday again! Woohoo! Time for the filter challenge. This week we are playing with the mezzotint filter. I had never heard of mezzotint before this challenge so I thought I better find out more before I try to replicate it in my program. I found an interesting article about mezzotint and you can read it here.
If you have never used the mezzotint filter before you can find it under Filters, pixelate, mezzotint.

Mezzotint uses the colors in your photo (as far as I can see), so there is no need to choose foreground or background colors.

I choose to use a black and white photo.

Once you have your photo selected choose the mezzotint filter. You will then receive a screen like this.

You have several options to choose from. I choose long lines. Then click ok. You're done!

Now the reason I choose black and white was because I really didn't like how the colored photos turned out. I didn't like how photos of people looked either. Which is why I chose this photo. However I had to try it one more time just to see.

Trying this effect again I can see it would probably work better with close up shots. I realize this isn't the best photo. But now I know what to look for when choosing my next photo.

I hope you enjoyed this filter challenge. If you'd like to share your photos or layout using this filter please leave a comment with your link or send me an email as I will be adding a list. Remember there are no deadlines. Jump in any time!

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, here is my attempt at your filter challenge!

Sorry, very new at blogging...have no idea how to make this a link, so copy and paste in your browser.

patterned paper by Rachel Clark Designs, summers end


Hummie said...

Another great one! I feel I will really enjoy your filter challenges...I enjoy learning and we can learn together.

Give me time..I'll get 'er busy right now.

Hummie said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

I challenge you to use your filters challenges in layouts too. >grin>

Andrée said...

Hi again! I used the mezzotint. I have been playing with different photos where it seemed appropriate and I finally got on that I like. My mezzotint bat with diffuse glow and edge work is here.

I also used diffuse glow (on the crow I used the glow two times, with two different colors), and also this iPhoto thing that softens the edges around the middle.

Thank you again!!!