Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hummie's Themed Thursdays - Explore

I have a tendancy toward simple layouts. And the papers have to coordinate with the clothing or I have a really hard time.LOL! But thats just me I guess. This is my oldest at around 6 or 7 months exlploring in our backyard.

Blue floral ppr by Beth Nixon Dsp
Font Georgia


Hummie said...

I really like simple too, just like this layout, only I am an advocate for journaling...just looking at the layout we do not know he is exploring in the yard and how you felt about his actions.

I like matching clothing sometimes too...or the background. I am often placing my photos on the layotu first and then having a half open window of my kits while browsing for something to I can see both my photos and the papers I am choosing on my desktop, so I can see how they coordinate...that's how I best pick out my papers.

Next time, try a complementary color to the clothes...across the wheel on the color wheel.

You know...I need to peak at your store!

ChristineHaze said...

he looks so cute! beautiful layout, too.

Rachel said...

I think you are right about the journaling. I know thats something I really need to work on. Writing is something i just don't like to do...but your right it would add alot more. I also agree with a complimentary color scheme don't know why i didn't think of that? Though sometime I find a paper I like and a picture to match. Silly but true. I'll keep your tips in mind next time. Thanks!

Thanks for the compliment and stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Love the paper! I lover doing simple layouts too. If I have too much going on, later I'll go back, look at them and decide I don't like anything about it and will start over..hard to get things accomplished that way.