Saturday, September 1, 2007

have you joined the 30 day business Challenge?

Over at Digital Scrapbook Designer Professionals they started a 30 day challenge. They will be sharing tips and have several business coaches daily sharing their knowledge. If your interested in learning more click on the picture to take you to day one. Its free! or click here


DSD-Pro said...

Hey Rachel, Thanks for the plug. I hope to see more folks participating. With your newest addition to the mix, you've now got your name in the drawing for the free 1-year subscription. WTG!

BTW the picture you provided isn't linked the site. However, if you don't mind I'll just add it into this comment so peeps can find it easily.

Have a great scrappy day!

Rachel said...

Thanks for pointing that out! Im on my way to fix it now

Maegan said...

I didn't even know that website existed! Very cool. I am going to have to take a more in depth look tomorrow. Must. sleep. now.