Tuesday, July 10, 2007

12X12 Printing

Hello again!

Yesterday I received my first order from Scrapbooksplease.com! They had a sale last week 99cents for their standard matte 12x12 printing so I thought I'd try them out. I am very pleased with the quality of the prints. They also sent me samples of the other papers they print on. Premium Luster and Premium matte are the best, just beautiful. They sent a sample of glossy but nothing really seems glossy about it to me. It has a little more sheen to it than the standard matte but not much. The premium luster is the most glossy. The colors of the premium luster and matte seem better than the standard papers. Well after going over their pricing it does seem to be true you get what you pay for. Premium Luster prints at 12x12 are $4.99 plus shipping. Premium Matte is $3.49, standard glossy is $2.49, and standard matte is $1.99. If cost is and issue to you I would totally go with the standard matte. While it is the cheapest the quality is still great. I would actually stay away from the standard glossy it doesn't seem as crisp and clean. The only real difference I can see between the standard matte and Premium Luster is the sheen. The premium luster does seem a little thicker, but if you are putting your layouts in albums I don't think it would make much difference.

Check them out here Scrapbooks Please

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ArtcTrish said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You've got some pretty kits!
Also....my dh hasa photolab that is about to go online that will offer 12x12 printing as well. He should be up in the next week or so at www.cameragraphics.org!

Rachel Clark said...

Thanks for the compliments I bookmarked the site and can't wait to try out the 12x12 printing!

luv2scrap said...

I also tried out Scrapboks Please and got all of their sample pages too. I liked the expensive one's best myself but I did not want to pay that much. I did some more research and found a great website that prints super nice prints for only $2.25 per page. They offer one standard paper but it is great quality and the prints are just beautiful. I think you can special request other papers but I have been really pleased with the paper they use. I have had them print all of my pages and I have been very pleased with them. Here is the website if you are interested, http://www.pureprintdesigns.com/pureprintdesigns/.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

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