Sunday, September 2, 2007

Using Group with Previous in PSE

Did you know you can easily change the look of a frame or tag or just about any of your scrapbooking tools in pse by using group with previous? Well you can and I'll show you how.

Step one:

Select the layer/item you would like to change

Step Two:
Under the File Tab hit place and select the paper you would like to use.

Step three

If you followed steps one and two your paper should be directly on top of the item you want to change. Make sure this layer is highlighted.

Simply click on layers at the top and scroll down to group with previous.

Voila your done! You can move this layer around to make it more pleasing. Once you are happy click on layers and merge down. Not you can easily move your new element anywhere you want.

Have fun!



DSD-Pro said...

Nice Tute! Stumbled it for ya!

Rachel said...

Thanks you I appreciate that! I stumbled yours as well!

Maegan said...

Nice! Thanks for the tip!

Karen (Karooch from Scraps of Mind) said...

Handy tip Rachel. I've given it a Stumble.