Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bad Blogger Bad blogger! lol

Well i guess i haven't been too good about blogging lately. Sorry about that. A few things have been going on. First my sister had to work some crazy hours so we won't be doing the easter collab after all. But i'm sure we will get together on something else very soon.

What else....still haven't finished up the elements for my imagine kit. It may just stay as a paper pack lol. I started working on another kit a boy one. and I'm trying to make some badge albums for myself out of it and if it turns out ok i'll let ya know.

I was going crazy spring cleaning the week before easter since we host Easter dinner at our house. That left me completely exhausted...or so i thought! Turns out I am pregnant with my 4th child! Which is fine by me I wanted four so this is it! its all down hill from here right? lol

Anyway I've been really discouraged when it comes to designing lately. I'm not sure i can put the hours into that i need to be successful. I'll will see how i feel. So far in this pregnancy i just feel really tired not too sick yet...

any way...hopefully i'll be back in a few days with something exciting like a freebie! who knows it could happen lol!

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