Wednesday, October 31, 2007

16,435 and counting

Believe it or not that's how many digital pictures I've taken since my first child was born almost five years ago and its still not enough! I have no idea how many pictures the rest of you take but would be interested to know. I think that's quite a few but most are not what some might call the "money shot" But I couldn't bear to part with one. My older two do not sit or stand still for long so I have quite a few that are the side and back of the head shots. lol

I forgot to add something to the treats no tricks kit. A little ribbon if you want it you can download it from 4shared here.

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Here is how I me weird. 16,435 divided by 5 years is 3,287 pictures per year. That is an average of 275 per month, 9 pictures per day or 3 picture per day of each of your kids. Not bad!

If it were traditional film that would be about 11 rolls of (24 exp)film per month. Say that film is approx $3.50 per roll...this saves you $38.50 per month in the purchase of film. Approx $5.99 to develop film. So over 5 years you've saved $6,263!

Ya, I think you're doing pretty good!! :) Amy