Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm still alive

I'm still alive!!!! I spent the weekend trying to get caught up with a few things around my house. I also spent some time working on my flower beds. I have a little over ten so that's going to take a while. I also tried to relax a little. My 8 month old is upset with me right now because I wont let her play with the electrical outlet. What a mean mom huh? And my dog just threw up on my couch. So I'm having one of "those" days. Thinking of my couch reminds me of when we first bought it before we had children. Everyone wanted to know why we choose such a light color if we wanted to have kids. We just laughed and said they'll just have to eat at the table. Well I think everyone's laughing at us now. Its been almost 5yrs since our first child was born and throw in a pup who thinks everything is a chew toy and that couch is about ready for the curb. But that wont be happening anytime soon. Nothing new until the kids are much older. lessoned learned. lol!

I've completed my latest kit October Morning and plan to have that in the store in the next few days or so. One of my girlfriends stopped by yesterday. She wants me to design some birthday invites for her daughter's golden birthday. So I'll post a few pics of that when I'm done. Also working on my trick or treat kit hope to have that completed soon. Just have to find the time this place has been a zoo lately!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

The picture is my oldest son Jacob's latest creation from preschool.

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