Friday, November 9, 2007

Beware of the spider man web shooters

Spider man web shooters make great gifts...not so much.

I had to take myself and the kids to get flu shots today. I made a deal with my boys (2 and 4)if they did a good job I'd get them both the spider man web shooters they've been wanting. Well they did such a great job! I was so pleased. They wanted to give my two year old a shot in the leg because usually that is easiest for them at that age. But I had talked to him about it all week about getting it in the arm and he already decided which arm he wanted. So that's what they did and he didn't even flinch! what a tough guy. My oldest was very hesitant but he did it and needed a little hug and gave a little whimper when it was over. hehe

So back to the web shooters...first they cost more than I thought they would. I don't know why i thought they would be around $15. they weren't. One was $26.99 the other was $27.99. Not exactly what i was planning on spending...but i made a deal. They are pretty cool and the web is similar to silly string. I realized right away that this is a toy that must have adult supervision at all times. lol I gave them a special place to use it, one that would be easy to clean up. One came with a water squirter and a dart thrower, the other came with a reversible mask. My oldest used up his web string in about 5 mins flat. He then continued to beg and plead to use his brothers because he still had some left. I told him no. I leave the room for 5 mins to find out my oldest got a hold of his brothers web shooter and sprayed his entire bedroom and closet with it. If you've ever dealt with silly string you have some idea of what a mess this can be. I spent the next 45 mins give or take, trying to shake,sweep and scrape this stuff up. While the boys sure had fun with this toy. It's totally not worth the mess or money. the cans last 5 mins maybe a little longer if your kids aren't spraying it constantly. The refills are around $8. So unless you like throwing money in the garbage I wouldn't recommend it.

So after the doctor appointments and web shooter fiasco I've had no time to get the filter challenge in order. My niece (8) is coming for a visit tonite. we are having a beauty nite,manicures,pedicures and facials. I will do my best to get the filter challenge on tomorrow...
Have a great weekend!

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