Saturday, November 24, 2007

What's going on

I'm sorry I don't have the filter challenge ready. Infact i writing to let you know I won't be posting until Jan. But don't worry I plan on coming back full force! I just have too much going on right now, two birthday parties to plan and christmas. I also want to organize all my non digital pictures and convert them to digital. So if you have any suggestions on that i'd love to hear it.
Also have alot of decluttering to do in my home. I stayed up till 3am on thanksgiving cleaning and organizing my playroom! What a change! Its so nice to go in there now. I also went through my boys room and removed three laundry baskets of toys! They both have birthdays coming and christmas. We are begging friends and family not to get toys! They like bath bubbles and super hereo shirts which are alot easier to find a place for than toys. I don't have anything against toys just too many of them kwim?
My dh grandma has her 3rd chemo treatment next friday. She's been struggling but hanging in there. We are a little worried though because she said she's not sure she can handle one more treatment. On the same day the Dr's will be running a bunch of test to see how the cancer is doing. I guess the life expectancy with the type of cancer she has is 18-24 mos in good cases, so were pretty upset about that. But we are praying that God will give her strength to hang in there. Mostly that he will give her comfort. She has fibromyalgia on top of the cancer so she is in pain most days.
I will be going with my sister on sat for an all day scrap. Since I don't do traditional I will be using that time to organize my photos. I will also be working on a framing project. I love having more than one Christmas tree(usually do two). Last year I got an idea for tree #3, a heritage Christmas tree. I want to put framed black and white photos all over the tree of our ancestors then a photo of my kids from each year. I'll only be doing one tree this year though, between the dog and my nine month old one tree will be more than I can handle keeping an eye on. My dog will put anything in his mouth that doesn't move and well if my little girl is anything like her brothers at that age most of my ornaments will end up at the top of the tree. LOL.
Well enough rambling... I may stop back before the year ends and you may find me in a forum from time to time. I will still be checking my email so please feel free to drop me line.

Happy Holidays! See you next year!

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Hummie said...

Wow, you are busy! Well, maybe if you take a break and I get my web building done, I can catch up on some of these.

I am sorry to hear about your Grandma...feel free to start a forum thread of prayer for her so I can remember to pray.

Yes, I should learn from you and take time to clean and organize by getting away from my really is something I should do. You are wise to keep priorities.